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Moxy(Muscle oxygenation measurement)

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The Current Near-Infrared Spectrometry Products in Sport
Muscle oxygenation measurement is a major role of NIRS, but other systems exist that use near infrared spectrometry
to calculate physiological changes in athletes. A few of the sensors are ways to replicate lactate curves while others look
at brain performance, thus making the market wide and innovative for companies to provide solutions to mounting conditioning
and physiological challenges. Here are seven products that are available now (Autumn, 2018)
and are either designed for sport or can be used by those involved in sport.

We Believe in the Pursuit of Human Excellence
Moxy Monitor is used by elite athletes, coaches and universities worldwide
We help elite athletes optimize their training so they can reach their performance potential and achieve personal best.
Moxy isolates the muscle layer to measure SmO2 in real time so personalized insights can be applied to training strategies.
Moxy Monitor is the proven way to measure SmO2 at the muscle layer so athletes and coaches can eliminate blind training and optimize performance.

Push Your Potential and Achieve Your Personal Best
With Moxy Monitor you’re no longer training blindly
Moxy is a small, wearable sensor that monitors oxygen levels in the muscles of athletes while they exercise.
Easy to use
Mobile and non-invasive
Measure SmO2 with useful accuracy


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