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Advanced data collection made simple

Get the most out of your VO2 Master Analyzer.

Improving your fitness isn’t a guessing game. It takes a deep, personalized understanding of the factors that impact your performance. Get data-driven insights to unlock your athletic potential with the portable, lightweight VO2 Master Analyzer.

100% Wireless

Eliminate the hassle of hoses, cables, and wires with a Bluetooth VO2 analyzer for hands-free assessments.

Resting metabolism

Accurately identify your resting metabolic rate for healthy and effective weight management

Maximal metrics

Pinpoint your personalized training zones, ventilatory thresholds1, VO2max, and other maximal metrics.

Multi-file export

Seamlessly integrate your metrics across multiple platforms using CSV data tables and FIT file exports.

VO2 Master Cloud

Effortlessly store and access your current and past assessment data with VO2 Master’s automatic backups.

Free mobile app

Instantly access downloadable reports and organize data into athlete and team profiles with the free VO2 Master app for iOS and Android.


Pinpoint accuracy

Accurately measure performance with an Oxygen Sensor Accuracy of ±1% and Flow Sensor Accuracy of ±2% with syringe calibration.

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